Our Culture – There really are No Limits!

So what is it like to work in Taxback? From small beginnings, we’ve grown into a global company. But we haven’t forgotten our roots and where we’ve come from and the role our people play in our day to day success. On a daily basis, one thousand staff are guided by our No Limits attitude and our 6 core values.


Simply put, motivation is the desire to do things. If you want to achieve and can deliver results, you are guaranteed to fit in in Taxback. We believe that motivation starts with you. After that, we’ll make sure you have all the support you need to reach and exceed your limits.


Challenge goes hand in hand with motivation. With Taxback you are guaranteed a challenging and a rewarding experience. We didn’t grow to where we are today without taking risks and without working hard and facing challenges. In Taxback, we don’t believe in hierarchy or over complicating things. If you are up to the challenge, you will not be on your own. With challenge comes help and support. We will be behind you all the way.

and Growing

With employees located in 20 countries, The Taxback Group provides an opportunity to work with a diverse group of people from around the world. We believe in developing our own people and promoting from within. Whether it is through Taxback Pro, our professional development program for tax professionals or, Next Step, our Leadership Academy where we develop the next generation of team leaders and managers or through individual personal development you will get plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your talent.

and Relaxing!

We offer great and varied benefits. Yes, this includes a competitive salary and incentive scheme. But, we also believe that recognition goes much deeper than just financial rewards. Simply saying thanks for a job well done or recognising outstanding achievement through structured recognition programs such as Employee of the Quarter and our annual Taxback Champions awards. There are many ways to say thanks.

We also have like to have fun! We regularly take time out to socialise both informally and with our summer and Christmas parties. We also recognise the supportive role that families play in our employees lives through our annual family summer BBQ’s and children’s party.


Given the nature of our business, we insist on the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in everything we do. We were the first tax agent in Ireland to receive the ISO 9001: 2008 quality hallmark. In 2013 we also won a Gold Standard Award in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards. This is one of the highest accolades in the Deloitte awards and is given to companies who have been recognised as a Best Managed company for four years running.


Taxback is Innovation. Okay, everyone says that but the difference is that, with Taxback, it’s true. Starting out providing tax refund services, we have now branched out into many different businesses in over 100 different locations. Our innovative spirit was recognised in 2009 when Terry Clune won the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and again in 2010 when we won a European Business Award which promotes excellence and innovation.

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